Right of withdrawal, returns and complaints


1.1 Withdrawal

The purchaser shall have a maximum period of 15 calendar days to withdraw from the day that the customer receives a product, without any penalty or giving any reasons.

The right of withdrawal should be exercised by notification via e-mail to the address: as@electricheatingstore.com, with the inclusion of information on the order number and invoice number corresponding to the order for which you want to exercise the right of withdrawal.

The customer shall receive an incident number at the e-mail address from which the right of withdrawal notification was made.


In accordance with that laid down in article 103 of Law 3/2014 of 27 March, by which the consolidated text is amended of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, the supply of services or goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalised or that by their nature cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly are exempt from the right of withdrawal.

1.2 Returns

The return of material shall be conditional upon the products or parts to which the return refers being returned in accordance with the notification and with the incident number sent by as@electricheatingstore.com. Furthermore, bear in mind the following aspects:

1.2.1  Return under Guarantee:

That laid down in section 10 of the general contract terms and conditions must be complied with and the return made within a period of 12 months.

1.2.2 In case of return due to withdrawal or customer error:

This must have been previously authorised by the incident department, which will have managed the request by means of the incident number. If the return proceeds and has been authorised by the incident department, the customer should return or deliver the product directly to Elementos Calefactores AS S.L at address Calle Zamora 99-101, 5º 1ª, 08018 Barcelona, without undue delay, and in any event within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the date on which the right of withdrawal from the contract was formalised.

The period shall be considered complied with if the customer returns the product before the end of the period. The product must be complete without signs of use.

The customer is responsible for the cost of returning the product.

In case of return due to a fault and causes attributable to this, there shall be no consequences for the customer:

The customer shall have the right to return the product, by informing Elementos Calefactores AS S.L of the reason for the return through any of the means provided in these contract terms and conditions.

This return due to a defect or poor condition of the product shall not be considered a right of withdrawal.

Elementos Calefactores AS S.L will inspect the returned defective product. In case of a defect that is not attributable to the customer, this product shall be replaced by another with the same characteristics or once repaired shall be returned in perfect condition to the customer.

1.2.3 Return requirements:

In all cases, products to be returned must be in perfect condition, unused and in their original packaging with their documentation and original product accessories.

It is requested, therefore, that to prevent problems during transport, it is ensured that the package is properly protected and sealed. Once received, we will check its condition. Once we have checked that all the items and possible components, accessories, promotional gifts and documentation are complete and in perfect condition, we will refund the amount paid.

Once the return period had expired, whatever the cause of the return, Elementos Calefactores AS S.L reserves the right to accept this return and, if it does so, of charging a handling cost if applicable.

1.3 Refund payment

The amounts refunded to the customer shall be by the same payment means used by the customer, unless otherwise agreed. Elementos Calefactores AS S.L may retain the refund until it has received the product, withdrawal reason, or until the client provides evidence of having returned the goods, whichever is the earliest.

In case of an unjustified delay by Elementos Calefactores AS S.L with respect to the refund of the paid sums, the customer can claim double the sums paid, without prejudice to the right to be compensated for the damages suffered that exceed this amount.

1.4 Complaints.

If the customer wants to make a complaint, this can be done at Elementos Calefactores AS S.L, Calle Zamora 99-101, 5º 1ª, 08018 Barcelona or by e-mail to the mail address as@electricheatingstore.com.

1.5 Jurisdiction

Moreover, Elementos Calefactores AS S.L reserves the right to present civil or penal actions that it considers appropriate for the improper use of its website and content or due to the non-compliance with these terms and conditions.

The relationship between the user and the provider shall be governed by current regulations applicable in Spanish territory. In the event of a disagreement, the parties may take their disputes to arbitration or have recourse to the law in compliance with the rules on jurisdiction and competence in this regard. Elementos Calefactores AS S.L is based in Barcelona, Spain.



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